restoration frames ,power steering

brake kits , drive train and more


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" its not what you got its how you use it "


at mk2mania we design and manufacture rollover equipment and steering systems . we started off in 2005 with our jigs and our p.a.s systems in 2007 , we make bespoke one offs to order, and supply restoration jigs and p.a.s for 99% of cars/classics/van and motorhomes , we sell four main types of jig and two types of steering set ups, we are constantly introducing new products and updating our designs . be sure to bookmark our site for new products , special offers , and car build updates







we manufacture four types of chassis tilters, our deluxe jig which is fully adjustable in every way aswell as self loading / levelling , our standard basic jig which does what it says on the tin , our flat pack (which is a standard jig in kit form) build is under 1 hour , and our pole type jig mainly for minis (pole through the car) . all our jigs/spits are made to the highest standards using thick walled steel section and tubing, and all of our restoration equipment is supplied with fully detailed instructions (also includes high tensile fastenings)






we manufacture two power steering systems , a complete bolt on system (direct replacemect) as featured in "retro ford magazine" easy to install using basic car know how and diy tools, or our universal kit which is all you need in a box including all wires controllers and wiring instructions (fabrication/modification is down to you) and you will need the use of a welder and cutter (not recommended for the novice mechanic)